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Phoenix Monsoon Photos and Videos

Below are photos and videos submitted by family, friends and folks from around Phoenix from over the years. Please take our Monsoon storms seriously. The monsoon season for Phoenix begins in mid June and ends in late September, however the storms peak between mid-July and mid-August. Our monsoons hit hard and fast and are gone just as quick, typically lasting from 30 minutes to a few hours but they do provide some vivid photos and amazing videos.  Enjoy.

What to know about Monsoon Dust Storms

Monsoon Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor Overnight Monsoon

September 2014 Phoenix Monsoon Rain & Flash Flood

Phoenix Dust Storm/Monsoon Phoenix AZ 2018

Monsoon rolling into phoenix 2018. 12 News

Monsoon Storm Phoenix July 15, 2017/Phx City Cam

Phoenix Dust Storm 2012 Monsoon, Gilbert Arizona

Monsoon Storm in Phoenix Time lapse Film, Amazing

Microburst Phoenix, AZ 2018/ Phoenix Resident

Haboob Monsoon Phoenix, AZ 2018, Reuters

Monsoon July 9, 2018 Time Lapse! Phx City Cam

Monsoon “Another One Bites The Dust”, Let’s Go!

PHX CityCam huge Monsoon in Phoenix 2018